Cutting and stamping

FFT has been producing stampings and cuttings for 30 years now – as ready-cut products, reels or strips in any length, width or thickness! We are a potential partner to retail and manufacturing customers with cuttings requirements. Our machine park is designed for both large and small production runs. Stampings can be produced on the basis of sketches or drawings. Most of the round stampings are produced with FFT’s own tools, which means that the customer doesn’t have to pay any tooling costs. FFT is a strong partner to manufacturing and retail customers with stampings requirements. Contact FFT next time you need cuttings or stampings.

Waterjet cutting

Problematic materials cannot be accurately processed with conventional machines. FFT has found an unconventional solution to this problem: waterjet cutting machines. Waterjet cutting has been making a very important contribution to the FFT product portfolio for many years now.

The advantage of waterjet cutting is obvious:

There are no tool engineering costs because the cuttings are made with CAD programs. Waterjet cut products can be manufactured in all dimensions with extremely narrow tolerances.

Take advantage of FFT’s waterjet technology!

Self-adhesive lamination

Around 80% of the products that FFT manufactures are self-adhesive either on one or both sides. Many things have changed in the adhesives sector since the early days. Today semi-permanent and permanent adhesives are available for different requirements, e.g. as an assembly aid. FFT also offers customers solutions for self-adhesive products with special applications.

Contract manufacturing

Contract manufactured cuttings, stampings and waterjet-cut products

We contract manufacture products to customer specifications and preferences! Our comprehensive range of production technologies includes cutting, stamping and waterjet cutting.

Waterjet cutting is suitable for both small-scale prototype production runs and large-scale production runs. We can also produce samples very quickly on the basis of customer DXF files, and use customer sketches to create suitable CAD programs. Not only is the cutting quality unsurpassed, the cut material isn’t exposed to any thermal loads. It is simply penetrated by water travelling at many times the speed of sound.

Take advantage of FFT’s diverse contract manufacturing options!

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